Hotel, meal and banquet booking instructions

The hotel, meals and banquet booking will be on an external site ( Here are basic instructions for use.


On the booking page lunch, dinner and banquet orders can be applied, as well as hotel room booking to Hotel Alba.

Once any part of the order has been updated, total price can be seen at the bottom of the page.

The order can be modified until the given deadline, after which the page will be locked.


  • When editing room orders, it might take a moment for the form to be updated, so please wait a few seconds before continuing for best results.
  • Remember to press the "Submit" button when editing team information or meal order fields


To use the booking page, it is required to have a user account, for which the booking data will then be saved. 

Registering is free and only requires a working email address. To register, click on the "Log in" button at the very top of the page, followed by "Sign up" button at the bottom of the page. After that follow the sign up instructions. (To receive the sign-in credientals, might take a few minutes.)

Once registering and/or login has been completed, the booking forms can be filled.

Team information

This information is required. Fill in the country and team (for example "Finland MAG/WAG") to which the orders will be made, as well as name and email for a contact person in case of problems.

After filling in the fields, press "Submit" button to save.

Meals & banquet

Next there are fields for each day of the event, for lunch and dinner, and one for banquet. In each field fill in how many people in total from your team will participate in given day's lunch and dinner, and similarily for banquet. 

Room booking

Initially there are multiple links to choose a room to place order for.  In each item, the room's name, capacity, price and initial count will be shown.

Once a room item has been clicked, a form should appear. In this form fill in the name's of persons to stay in the room, as well as the days they will be staing for. At least 1 person per order, and at least 1 day per person are required. If there are any special needs for a person, fill that information in "special request" field.

Above each day field, will be shown the number of available rooms of this type, for the given day. If the number is 0, there is no more space for that day.

Note: Checking a day includes that day and the following night. 
For example, checking thu and fri includes thursday-friday night AND friday-saturday night.

Once the form has been filled, press "Submit" button to save. If successful, a message "Order submitted" or similar will be shown.

Order summary

At the end of the page, total order summary will be shown as invidual orders and resulting price. This information is saved and the total shown is the amount that will be billed. The order can be modified without cost until the given deadline.

To modify team information or meal orders, simply edit the existing fields earlier on the page and submit.

To modify room bookings, click on a room booking item to expand it, and click the "Edit" or "Remove" links.